katherine starr book

Rescue Me — My Journey in Search of the Truth

Releasing in 2021

Two-time Olympic swimmer Katherine Starr had given up on life and saw no reason to live; she was just barely showing up at times because she didn’t have the courage to kill herself. But then Katherine encountered a set of miracles she couldn’t ignore. Rising up from her disappointments, she was able to find joy in her life again. She was willing to take personal accountability for herself and her choices until she finally understood what integrity meant. Now she has written the book she wished she had while going through these challenges.

This book will wake you up to acknowledge that you too can find happiness in life after trauma and tragedy. We don’t need to be married to misery and victimhood; it’s time to learn to release it and find the true joy that we are all meant to have. You possess the courage inside yourself to feel the pain and then let it go.

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