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When it comes to working with judge and jury for a fair and equitable settlement for your victim it is important to have an informed expert witness to address this complex topic from someone who has been through this first hand.  

​​Having been abused by my coach and head Olympic coach throughout my athletic career, I have come to point in my life where I can articulate both the complexity of the situation as well as understand the systemic failures that allowed these issue to continue to stay in the system. The failures of the institutions to protect our young athletes continues even today with public knowledge of the known failures. 

The coach athlete relationship is so often misunderstood among peers as well as the system. The issues becomes even more misunderstood amongst our young peers, as they often don’t know how to react therefore drawing a general consensus that there was consent with the coach. This has been a problem with sports community for decades.

We are here to address this important issue and give the much needed voice of the athlete in the courtroom. Allowing us all to understand the depth of the pain and the suffering that to the outside world often looks at as consensual. This has to stop, we can't allow this to continue in our sports community at any level.

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